Our Process By following a structured, proven approach, your project is completed on-time, on-budget and exactly as designed.

Our Renovation Process

Our Proven Renovation Process

At Cowie Construction we follow a proven Renovation Process to insure our clients get the best possible service from us. By following our approach, your project is completed on time, on budget, and exactly as designed.

We are only happy when you are!

renovation process stage 1

Renovation Stage 1

We start off the whole renovation process with an initial meeting where we discuss your design ideas and our suggestions based on our years of experience. From the information gathered in the first visit we then can give you a rough estimate on pricing for the renovation project.

Renovation Stage 2

We now have your renovation plans in the final design stages and we sign a building contract. This benefits the homeowner as it insures that we agree upon the scope of the work involved and design plans.

renovation process stage 2
renovation process stage 3

Renovation Stage 3

During this consultation we discuss the small details and go over all of the design specifications. If all is agreeable, we move forward, if not, we make adjustments on the plans until the design is exactly as you want it to be.

Renovation Stage 4

We now have all of the information needed to present the actual cost of the renovation project to you.

renovation process 4
renovation process 5

Renovation Stage 5

Now that we have agreed on the design plans, we will get the final agreement signed off so we can get the project under way!

Renovation Stage 6

With your first deposit completed, we now can confirm the renovation events schedule, gather up the necessary materials, and plan the dates and time for the work to begin.

renovation process 6
renovation process 7

Renovation Stage 7

Now the real fun begins. We start demolition of areas to be renovated, and start the renovation actual work. WooHoo!

Before this stage, arrangements should be made for letting your neighbors know that there will be some noise and construction going on. This way everyone stays happy and stress free.

Renovation Stage 8

In the beginning stages, we will have laid out at what milestones and time frames that deposits will need to be made in order to keep the necessary building materials coming in on time. This way there is no time delays and we can best stay on schedule and on budget. You will be fully aware when deposits will need to be made before construction begins.

renovation process 8
renovation process 9

Renovation Stage 9

At this point the renovation is finished. We will then have the pleasure of walking you through everything that was done, and getting your confirmation that you are satisfied with the result. If adjustments are needed, then we will complete them at this stage.

Renovation Stage 10

Now that any adjustments are satisfied, and we have your say so that you are totally ecstatic with your new renovation, the work will be considered complete! We always want you to know that it was our pleasure to make your home or business exactly how you dreamed it could be, and that we are honored that you chose us to get the job done.

renovation process 10
renovation process 11

Renovation Stage DONE!!!

Now that everything is complete, we will hand over your warranty and let you enjoy your new space!

Congratulations on your new renovation!!!

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