Kitchen Renovation Surrey

kitchen renovation surrey

Kitchen Renovation Surrey.

A Kitchen Renovation for your Surrey home just might be one of our favorite projects to take on. This is because this type of reno will increase the style, function and home value more then almost any other home renovation service.

In our every day lives, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. This is where we prepare our food, have family time, hang out with our friends, and share a meal with our loved ones. Doing so in an outdated, nonfunctional space is obviously not ideal. Imagine every single kitchen appliance, utensil, item, and even plug in is EXACTY where you think it should be. This is what a kitchen renovation should be all about. Style, beauty along with practical functionality.

Your Kitchen Renovation In Surrey

Update the look and function of your Kitchen with style


Cowie Construction provides kitchen renovations and interior design services in Surrey. We are a high quality kitchen renovation contractor who is equipped to provide all kitchen renovation services including:

  • Sinks And Faucets
  • New Cabinets
  • Complete Kitchen Design
  • New Countertops
  • Tile Installation
  • Kitchen Floors

Sinks And Faucets

Sinks And Faucet Renovation

Cowie Construction provides complete kitchen renovation services. As part of that service new sinks and faucets are one of the items that add to a great transformation.

You choose the style and materials, and we will get them installed and looking beautiful.

Complete Kitchen Design

Complete Kitchen Design

We’ll consult with you about the design of your Surrey Kitchen Renovation.

After the plans are drawn up, we will get your final ok on the design. Once agreed upon, the next step is to order the necessary materials and start the kitchen renovation process.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Installations

We will design your new kitchen cabinets to your exact specifications and install them with precision. We only use the best suppliers so you know that you will get top quality.

You will love your new cabinets with your kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Countertops

Weather you want the look and feel of laminate, tile,  marble, stone or any other material choice, we will expertly install and finish your countertops to perfection as part of your Surrey Kitchen Renovation.

You will fall in love the fresh clean feel of newly installed counter tops.

Kitchen Floors

Kitchen Floors

New Kitchen floors always dramatically clean up the look of a newly renovated kitchen. We install wood, laminate, tile, stone tile or any type of flooring you desire.

We love the reaction from our customers when they view it for the first time! It’s what we enjoy the most.

Tile Installations

Tile Installations

New Tile work is a big part of your renovation. We are equally experienced in installing porcelain tiles, travertine tiles, marble tiles and granite tiles for your counter top, back splash, walls and floors.

You pick out the style and we take care of the rest! Easy!

How Much Will My Surrey Kitchen Renovation Cost?

Know where your money is going:

Whether it’s cabinets, tiles or appliances for your Surrey kitchen renovation, it helps to know how much each element of a kitchen renovation will most likely be. Here are the top things you’ll be spending on, including what the average Canadian spends on each item during their kitchen renovation:

cost of kitchen renovation

• New cabinets and countertops: $7,483.16
• Wood flooring: $6,392
• Stone countertops: $3,839
• Cabinets (refinishing): $3,819
• Ceramic flooring: $2,333

These are average costs, so your actual cost will depend on the quality of materials that you choose to use for your kitchen renovation.

According to Nancy Peterson, Founder and CEO of Homestars, a website that connects consumers with contractors and other home improvement professionals, says that, according to their data, the average kitchen renovation in Canada costs around $25,000 — but, she adds, that number depends on how extensive the work is and whether you’re doing an outright gut of the space and replacing everything with new stuff. “A major renovation can cost as much as $50,000,” she explains, “especially if you’re buying high-end appliances or cabinets, which are by far the biggest expense in any kitchen renovation.”

The 20% rule

Experts say to add between 20% and 25% on top of your budget to handle unexpected costs. Based on the average cost of a Canadian renovation, a healthy buffer would be to add 20% above your estimated total to cover anything that pops out of the blue.

This can include dry rot in the walls, foundation issues, asbestos insulation in older homes, etc.

Having this cushion in place will assure you of a much more enjoyable Surrey kitchen renovation experience so if unexpected problems arise, you will be prepared and ready for them.

Kitchen Renovation benefits

Benefits of a Surrey Kitchen Renovation

Performing an Surrey Kitchen Renovation is an excellent way to breathe new life into your home. Whether you are ready to embark on a full kitchen remodel or you want to modernize a few features, updating your kitchen will bring about a number of benefits. These are great reasons to move forward with creating your dream kitchen!

1. Improve Functionality

The kitchen is the heart of the home and it tends to be a gathering place for families. There are many different ways you can improve the overall function of your kitchen. For example, you can add more cabinets or build an island to provide more storage and counter space. Or if you want to take the kitchen remodel up a notch, you can knock down the wall between the living room and kitchen in order to allow for a more open floor plan. Or maybe you want to put a wall between them to close off the kitchen. Either way, a well-designed kitchen will make cooking and cleaning more efficient.

2. Add Valuable Living Space

Today’s kitchens tend to have a more open floor plan compared to the limited space of older kitchen design. Kitchen remodeling gives you the freedom to make various changes to the layout. A great layout that opens the kitchen, dining room, and the living room makes socializing easy. A roomy kitchen with less walls also gives the person who’s cooking or cleaning the ability to watch television or converse with people in other rooms. Many prefer this loft style design for their kitchen.

3. Increase Your Home Value

Many prospective buyers look to the kitchen first as to determine if the house is one they will buy. Renovating your kitchen can easily satisfy this requirement when done right. Making your kitchen up to modern standards can make for an easy sale of your home when it is time to sell.

4. Lower Energy Costs

Kitchen remodeling allows you to include upgrade your appliances to more eco-friendly models. Today’s newer appliances are much more efficient and reduce your hydro bill. You can even install water-saving faucets to reduce your water usage. You can also incorporate more sustainable materials for your floors, cabinets, or countertops such as bamboo, cork, or salvaged wood. Newer materials are more resistant to rot and mildew build-up. Longer lasting items will save you money in the long run.

5. Bring New Life To Your Home

Kitchen designs have changed over the years and if your home was built in the 1990’s or beyond, chances are your kitchen is in need of an update. Kitchen remodeling is a great way to breathe new life into an older home. You can give your kitchen an entirely new look by updating the cabinets, painting the walls, and replacing the appliances and floors.

The Cowie Construction Kitchen Remodeling Approach

Having Cowie Construction perform the Kitchen Renovation for your Surrey home will save you time and money. Many people consider trying out the DIY approach, but end up lost in the details. We have completed countless kitchen renovations and have a system to deliver fast and amazing results. Why take a gamble with the unknown? This is your home after all. We will make sure you love your new kitchen!

Kitchen Renovation Surrey Before And After

In this Surrey Kitchen update, the kitchen was enclosed in a small space. This made for a cramped area for cooking. The homeowner wanted a more open space to be able to interact with others in the home during cooking as well as having a more open and spacious feel to the kitchen.

  • We opened up the space by removing the separating wall.
  • Changed the cabinets
  • Flooring
  • Sinks
  • Faucets
  • Tile Backsplash
  • Paint
  • And New Appliances


The end result is an open space kitchen with a fresh modern look and new improved functionality.

kitchen renovation beforekitchen renovation after
Kitchen Renovation Before And After

In this Surrey Kitchen renovation we transformed this space from cramped and difficult to open and awesome.

This transformation made an incredible difference on the look and style of the whole home.

On this one, there is no need to list the differences, just look at it!

We were proud to be a part of making this a better home for our client.

kitchen renovation beforekitchen renovation after

Contact Cowie Construction For Your Surrey Kitchen Renovation

We would love you to contact us to complete the Kitchen Renovation for your Surrey home. We consider this service to be one of our specialties. We know how much you will use your kitchen and will take proper care in making sure that it suits your functional needs as well as fit your design taste.

Call or click below to start a conversation about how we can build the kitchen of your dreams!