Home Addition Renovation Abbotsford

home addition renovation abbotsford

Home Addition Renovation Abbotsford

When you are looking to add more space to your Abbotsford home with a new Home Addition Renovation, you came to the right place. We at Cowie Construction are masters of the home add-on renovation space. There is much to consider when taking on such a large project. The first consideration is whether you are going to take on the project yourself or get a qualified home renovation construction contractor to manage it.

Unless you know what needs to be done at each stage of construction, we highly recommend that you hire an experienced Abbotsford home renovation contractor. We have completed countless home addition renovations locally and all over the lower mainland over the years and know exactly what to do. Tell us what you are looking for and sit back and watch as it comes to reality!

lateral home addition

Lateral House Extension

What is a Lateral House Extension Renovation? It’s quite simple: it’s extending your house sideways. Sometimes this just means turning your garage into new living space and to take that further, some will add a room on top of the garage renovation. Or it can involve extending into the yard to create another room entirely.

This can add 2 to 3 new rooms to your home to use as you see fit!

Second Floor Renovation

What is a Second Floor Addition Renovation? This is essentially adding a second floor to your home.

It could be on top of a one story home essentially adding another floor, or extending over another part of the existing home adding an additional room or rooms.

This type of renovation is quite common. Enlarging a split-level home can also be considered a story addition

Second Floor home addition
rear home addition

Rear House Addition

What is a Rear house Addition? It’s an extension of the back of the house into the yard. This type of home addition is typically used to add a solarium, or even to extend the kitchen. There is 2 basic types of rear home additions.

1) On Piers: Adding on to the second floor without a room below.

2) On a Foundation: This is a 2 floor addition with ground level and upper level Renovation.

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