Exterior Renovation Abbotsford

exterior renovation abbotsford

Exterior Renovation Abbotsford

An Exterior Renovation for your Abbotsford home include all things outside of your home. This means Siding, Rock Walls, Fencing, Decks and Patios, New Coverings, Roofing, and the list goes on.

We love the outdoors as much as much as you do and want to help you make your home the perfect place to enjoy being outside. This means loving how your home looks and functions when you are enjoying a day in the yard.

Abbotsford Exterior Renovation Before And After

Exterior Renovations for your Abbotsford Home can also just mean that you want to update the look of your home and yard. For example, here is a recent renovation we did where we changed the outer decor of this home.

  • New paint and color scheme
  • Updated the brick to a new color
  • Removed the wood garden from the front
  • Added lots of new landscaping
  • Removed the old road ties from driveway
  • Added more parking to the side of the home
  • Added accent colors to the wood beams and patio
  • Brightened up the overall appearance

In the end the outer appearance was enhanced to a more upbeat and attractive design

exterior renovation Abbotsford beforeexterior renovation Abbotsford after

Exterior Renovation Abbotsford Before And After

For this Abbotsford Exterior renovation we added an entrance cover as the main feature of the job. The idea was to create a new look and some needed overhead cover from the rain, along with some yard modifications to add some new life to a tired looking yard along with updating the color of the home.

New look, happy customer!

  • Landscaping adding foliage
  • New exterior paint
  • Entrance covering with timber framing
  • New siding
  • New Livingroom Windows
Exterior Renovation Abbotsford Beforeexterior renovation Abbotsford after

Exterior Hardscaping Before And After

This was an Abbotsford Hardscaping job where we transformed a side yard into a more functional space.

Now the homeowner can host outside events and enjoy a better space for picnic table conversations. Not to forget that now there is much less yard maintenance, which was one of the overall goals of the project.

exterior hardscaping beforeexterior hardscaping after

Some Of Our Most Requested Abbotsford Exterior Renovation Services

We perform just about every exterior renovation for your Abbotsford home that you can think of, but these are the most common services requested by our customers:


We do what is called “Hardscaping” This is building rock walls, retaining walls, fencing, gravel driveways, adding large gardens and more


We love the outdoors and Landscaping your Abbotsford Home. When you need more than a garden, contact the pros!

Exterior Modifications
Exterior Home Modifications

This means siding, paint, new outer fixtures, concrete, windows, patios, stairs,  doors and much more.

When you need Exterior Renovations in Abbotsford, Call Us first!

When you are looking to update the look of your Abbotsford home and yard, tell us your ideas and we will make them real. Whether you need updates to your current home, business, or need updates to your Abbotsford rental property, Call or click below to contact Cowie Construction to get the job done right!