How to choose bathroom accessories?

bathroom accessories

Bathroom and toilet accessories are generally one of the last things on your mind when it comes to building or renovating. Due to this, your bathroom can end up looking unrefined or unfashionable. Uncovering the perfect bathroom accessories for your space can be an intimidating task these days, as a huge range of materials and styles are available to the consumer for a single product. To help in making that selection easier, consider these easy points to ensure you do end up with a dazzling new space!

Bathroom accessories play a vital role in determining the mood, style, and overall look of your bathroom. By selecting the right ones, you can elevate the space and make the bathroom look cozy, chic, glamorous, minimalistic, or however, you want it to look.

Whether they are made of wood, plastic, or stainless-steel, bathroom accessories come in a variety of styles and have different purposes. Here is our guide to choosing the perfect accessories, ranging from inexpensive options to the most stylish ones.

Before choosing your bathroom accessories, there are a few things you need to consider such as:

  • Budget: Know your budget. This way you can put a limit for yourself that you will not go over. Look for accessories that are within this budget of yours. Do not bother with the overpriced ones. However, choosing within your limits does not mean that you overlook quality. You can still find quality items within your limits. Do not trade quality away ever.
  • Know what you need: Try to avoid bulk buying your accessories. Make a list of the items you need and look for them. Start your list with the essentials and buy them first. After that, you can assess your area and figure out what more you can add to the mixture.
  • Do Not fall for “the popular brands are always better”: Indeed, popular brands are popular for a reason. However, that does not mean that they are the only brands that are worthy of your money. Instead of focusing on name brands, focus on the individual items. Look at each item individually and assess whether it suits your needs or not. You might be surprised by what you would find in the end.

Now that you have set your priorities straight. You have compiled a list of what you need, figured out your budget, and know what you will look for. It is time to choose your fit.

Should I choose Fitted or Free-standing bathroom accessories?

No matter what accessory you are getting, all of them come in two main installation options;

  1. Fitted Installation.
  2. Free-Standing Installation.

Fitted Bathroom accessories

These are the accessories that require installation. However, on the bright side, they are considered more convenient and will last longer with you as the way they are installed makes them less subjected to wear. However, do not be alarmed, the installation process is pretty simple. You will need a drill to make the necessary holes in the tiles that the accessory will be attached to. Fitted bathroom accessories generally can handle more weight than their counterparts especially the drilled-in ones.

Free-Standing accessories

From their name you probably have figured it out. Those are the accessories that you can place on any surface in your bathroom. They are perfect for when you have enough space in your bathroom. However, they will need more regular maintenance and cleaning from you. Since they are movable, they are subjected to wear, so keep that in mind as you would have to replace them at an earlier date than the fitted accessories.

What material should I choose?

It is a no brainer that choosing the material for your bathroom accessories is very important. The fortunate part is that there are different choices on the market that suits every taste and budget there is.

Low-End Plastic bathroom accessories

These are usually the free-standing ones and are a temporary solution. They will most probably come in kits, which can be placed around sinks and bathtubs.

Stainless Steel bathroom accessories

They are on the higher-end, more expensive side. But it is justified since they are more durable, resistant, and have a longer life span.

Chrome-Plated bathroom accessories

These are a cheaper alternative for the more expensive stainless-steel ones. however, it might be worth investing more since chrome is not as durable and will wear away with time.

Glass and Ceramic bathroom accessories

These are by far the easiest to clean and maintain. However, do not let that fool you, as they come with the risk of being accidentally breaking.

How to match bathroom accessories’ materials to bathroom style?

  • For Contemporary interiors: Those are not picky designs; therefore, any material can be interpreted as long as it has a simple and streamlined design.
  • For Vintage and retro bathrooms: You should probably ask for combined materials of glass, iron, porcelain, and enameled steel.
  • For Zen style bathrooms: Those types of bathrooms usually incorporate ceramic, stone, or wood within their design.

What kind of accessories are there for bathrooms?

There are many options to choose from. However, remember when we first started this article and said that you should focus on the essentials first? Do not let the different types of accessories make you get lost. Focus on what you need first, then you can focus on what you want.

Soup and Toothbrush holder sets

Unlike individually sold accessories, and already arranged set of a soap dish, toothbrush holder, and liquid dispenser can save you a lot of time and trouble. They will also have a big of variety materials, designs, and patterns as the individually sold ones. Moreover, they will look complementary to each other and your bathroom since they would have the same design pattern.

Towel Rails

These small accessories are quite useful for hanging your towels or even store them if they come with a shelf. They should be placed in a convenient spot for when you exit the shower. You can find free-standing and fixed ones.

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are usually made from polyester and you might need to buy a rod separately. Depending on your taste, you can then pick a curtain that has hooks, rings, or is lined for a cleaner appearance. If you happen to find a fabric shower curtain, make sure it is water-resistant.

Shelves and shower baskets

These can save you space and help you organize your shower products. It is best to choose fitted ones because suction cups can lose their vacuum because of the water.


Bathtub and shower mats are usually made of PVC or rubber and have suction cups on the bottom to stick to the tiles. They help reduce the risk of slipping and falling. For Zen style bathrooms, you can find wooden mats.

Toilet Paper holders

Toilet paper holder, which is generally fixed on a wall, but there are some originally designed free-standing ones for people that do not want to use a drill. They will sometimes feature a lid, which is quite handy if your shower is nearby. Material-wise you will have a plethora of choices with the most common and stylish being stainless-steel, aluminum, and wood.

Toilet seat

The toilet seat might not be as important to people that would like it plain and standard; however, for the more expressive people, you will find so many patterns on the market to choose from.

Bathroom Waste Bin

The bathroom waste bin is made of various materials and can come in many sizes, but the only thing to remember is that the bin should have an easy to operate pedal and be put in an easily accessible place.

Toilet Brush and Holder

Toilet brush and holder are some of the necessities a bathroom needs to have. They can be free-standing or fitted, but it is highly recommended to get a fitted one due to its convenience and the fact it will last longer. There are organic options as well on the market now. You might also give them a chance.

Bathroom Ventilation Fan

This device should be on your essentials list because it is the most effective item when it comes to stopping mold in its tracks. You can fit in the bathroom window, wall or ceiling. Choose an extractor fan that has a sensory feature that senses the humidity level and turns on automatically.

The Lighting of the Bathroom

Many would not consider bathroom lighting as part of the accessories, but it is still quite important to choose the right ones that compliment your bathroom.

  • Wall lights offer sheer versatility of function and attractive design. Add two on both sides of the mirror to create a stylish ambience.
  • Ceiling lights provide all-around illumination and are a must in darker bathrooms.
  • Shower lights can bring you so much joy during your daily shower; however, you need to remember to buy the proper dimmer for your shower lights.
  • Mirror lights can be bought separately if your mirror does not already have that feature and can be an accent of their own in contemporary aesthetics.
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